We at Scholastica recognize that publication is a bit of a nerve-wracking process, especially if it is your first time. Undergraduate students submitting their papers for the first time for publication should keep in mind that there is a difference between how their paper was graded by a course instructor and how their paper will be peer reviewed. Your instructor was assessing whether your paper met certain benchmarks for the course and the specific assessment while your peer reviewers will be assessing whether your paper is (1) a suitable fit for the journal and (2) fit for presentation to the public. As a result there are certain academic standards that must be met to make your paper fit for “mass consumption.”

Be sure that you read the following carefully and that you consult the our Style Guide to ensure that you are meeting the standards necessary for publication in our journal.

  • Papers must be in English and follow our reference style precisely. Papers not in our style will be returned to authors immediately for correction. This is essential to ensure timely publication. The citation style should be in accordance with Turabian 8th edition. Please pay particular attention to our footnote style (full names of authors; month/season and year of publication for journals; place of publication only for books; no bibliography) While the citation style should be followed strictly, formatting should be kept to a minimum (particularly no headers or footers, please).  A bibliography is required. Please consult our brief Style Guide.
  • Each essay should be accompanied by a 150-200 word abstract which summarizes the argument made in the submission. The abstract should appear in the submission underneath the submission title but before the introductory paragraph.
  • Since this is an on-line publication, authors are encouraged to include color illustrations (accompanied by permission when necessary) and Internet links in their papers.
  • Papers published in Scholastica may be revised and submitted to print journals without seeking specific permission, although the on-line publication should be acknowledged. Basically, authors may use any of the material in their articles without seeking permission. Scholastica will retain the right to reprint articles in print or electronic form without seeking permission of authors. Any residual rights remain with authors. Please see our Copyright Statement page.
  • To preserve the integrity of the bibliographical record, papers published in Scholastica may not be withdrawn by their authors after on-line publication.
  • The editors reserve the right to reject any paper if it does not meet scholarly standards or if it does not conform to style guidelines.
  • After papers are submitted, they will be reviewed by the editors for publication. Papers will be given one of three responses: Yes, No, or Revise and Resubmit. If papers are preliminarily accepted by the editorial board, they will be sent out for blind review by professors and experts in the specific field who will review and comment on papers ultimately ending with a yes, no, or revise and resubmit. Once papers receive positive yes reviews from the editors and the reviewers, the paper will be accepted for publication and processed for publication in the next issue of the journal.
  • Submit papers as an attachment in an email to mail@dhnorthwest.org. Files should not indicate in any way the author of the submission (i.e. do not put your name in the file name or on the paper itself).